What Now?

Do you ever face a situation of ‘what now’? I think that it comes right after we achieve something. We drill and grind to achieve something but once it is achieved, even if for a second, a question pops up in our mind, ‘What now? What is next?” Now, this can be in situations of various natures associated with as many different emotions- celebration, threat, emergency, desolation and many more.

You choose a career and either do well or fail terribly or you find yourself somewhere in between. If you enjoy doing it, you live in those beautiful moments and if you don’t, other feelings creep in like feeling stuck, disappointed or even just being bored. You keep reliving those beautiful moments but you remember about the persistence of life and everything that it contains and then, to plan your next, your question to tick off all that happened and to segregate it from what can still be done comes the question- ‘what now?’

I am in the same situation. As much as I am happy, I don’t know my next step but I will try my best not to fret about it. Sometimes, mystery gives the fun. Knowing it all gives assurance and confidence but it is not that only that can make us confidence. If we turn all the faith from a situation or result that we are expecting to ourselves, we will have more assurance and probably, lesser fears because we know, no matter what, we will get through all the comes to pass.

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