She cleared her spectacles and handed it over. She took it from her and wore it. She asked, “Is it clear now?” “Yes, I can see clearly”, she replies. They see three men and four ladies pass by. The woman in the saree adjusted her lens and thought to herself, ‘I wish I could carry bikinis and one-pieces apart from gowns and sarees. They must have their own joy, I am sure.’

The girl standing beside her saw the men and thought to herself, ‘They look good’ and then, shifted her glance at the ladies in bikinis walking ahead of them towards the beech. The girl looked up and could see long palm trees. She glanced towards her left and could see the beach water and hear the waves. She smiled. She kept skimming though the place and saw a small coconut tree and lush green grass that were grown in the midst of the palm trees.

‘Unusual but so beautiful-‘ Both of them thought to themselves. The lady beside her -her mother- thought how she and her daughter, who is currently looking around at the beach below and the trees, are from completely different generations and mindsets and even though they grew in the same environment, they didn’t grow up to be same, even similar except their humanity and gender. Both of them looked at the same trees, same beach, same people yet not with the same lens.

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