I was thinking what to write about next. I lay down on my bed and let my hair fall downwards towards its brim. I start asking my brother for suggestions but I have written about all of them and don’t want to repeat it when it is not something coming in my mind as an automatic flow of thoughts and then, I see something upside down. I see the calendar which is hanging in my room and I thought, why not write about dates? I don’t think that I have already written about it.

Dates- in the form of numbers or occasions- come attached with many emotions. Some make us nostalgic and a few regretful but we also see how we have grown out of a phase- of life, of ourselves. There are special occasions which repeat yearly. Some of them lose its charm while some find their beauty, blooming, in time. All is a matter of time but by one logic, time is also linear which makes past, present and future one and the same. However, I don’t believe it but I also don’t believe in waiting for anything that I want to come to pass. Waiting is not a fruitful task, even if it is selfless.

Dates are the reason why many students hate the subject of history. Each date comes with some occasion, some chances to recount and relive the memories that already have been created and to create a new one. Some leave their imprints on our brains as lessons and some are those that, no matter how much one can try to recount as a beautiful one but if one keeps digging its history, the bitterness and hatred that became dead or the memory of those emotions come alive.

Some dates celebrate individuals and communities and their innumerous aspects. A few others are dedicated to lands and emotions. Some remind how much change has happened, how much is going on and how much is left. They become a parameter to measure growth. It’s strange how something so regular, the first thing that teacher teaches a child to write in the notebook before starting the lesson is also so important that through records, it has become a part of our journey. Sometimes, we live in these dates and sometimes, some of these dates live in us.

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