Following a routine is like breaking a rule for me because my normal is not being able to follow any routine. I have been trying it since I learnt about timetables in school. In everything, I do what others don’t do. I am the rule-breaker, also the one who is breaking all the unnecessary generations cycles, unlearning all the wrong that has been taught to me and relearning what must be done and I don’t care about who agrees with me and who doesn’t.

It is tough, tiring and not at all “worth it”, at least, it doesn’t seem so to me but here I am, still working on myself because I want the best in everything. I have to remove all that is unnecessary for that and I am just doing that. If that offends anyone, they need to change for sure, not me. I am glad that our generation, especially my cycle, is just the same as me in such matters. We don’t care what you think. We will do the right thing, which we know why is it right, and say what needs to be said despite all the oldies making faces and calling us mannerless and even shameless to a few of us a few times.

You don’t need any commandments to know what is right and what is not. Even a child, who hasn’t learnt anything about the world, can sense when things are going wrong. However, one can always learn to keep doing and being better. We don’t take the chosen path if it is wrong, We travel on the stranded roads if they lead us to the correct destination. We do things for ourselves and that is what is making everything better- evolved selves coming together.

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