I need a reason,

Not as much a necessity as a passion.

Why should I keep going?

Why should I not consider quitting?

Even in the most dire circumstances,

Quitting is always an option.

Why should I not opt it as despite working since a long duration,

I still struggle to earn stable income?

It seems like my hardwork is going in vain.

Sometimes, I feel like it isn’t worth continuing

But it is always so that right before I am about to quit,

I am pleasantly surprised by a positive response or a compliment.

Don’t start saying bullshit

That others have it worse,

That I must be thankful for being provided with the basic

That is needed for a proper survival.

Sometimes, affirmations and being appreciated

Or even rewards are not enough.

I am unable to find work of an authentically creative and monetary stuff

And despite efforts, art is unable to bloom in the profit-fetching environment.

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