What Love Makes You Do

Indeed, it is crazy what love makes one do. I can see how I differ when I do things out of love for someone compared to the other times. I mean, I don’t get to see that side of me as often because most of the time, I am working anyways and when I work, nothing matters to me except my work which, if I think in detail, is not a very good habit because as they say, balance is the key but I think, I have lost the only one forever.

Now, I quickly pick my phone out of my bag when I meet someone dear, who I have known since my childhood but somehow, don’t get to see them for years and decades now. I don’t really watch these photos a million times to be honest, not even a hundred times but if I will lose them, that will be a great, almost irreversible loss. I have developed this habit towards the end of my college.

I am not very expressive except when it comes to art, when I have to create something. And today, I have finally put up the photo frame of my friends since more than seven years, hanged it on the wall in my room and decorated it with fairy lights around it, shaping the wire into the shape of a heart. My love language is art. I am not saying that I am not creative otherwise but that until I am not so full of emotion that I have to see it on the outside, in front of me, I don’t create such things because when I am in that emotion, even if it takes months or days or weeks, I do it despite the fatigue and other physical and mental health challenges. If I do such a thing, the one that I do it for are very special and definitely worth it.

My Creative Work

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