One can wither like a leaf or age like fine wine. I have said this before and I am saying it again, every person and their experiences differ. They may or may not have a reason. They may know or not know things.

Some things, you just can’t be ready for them until the moment arrives. I can prepare to shift my home but I can’t surely know if I will be able to make it adjust to me because that is my home. How do I know beforehand that I will possess it and not take it and the other household items on rent? Will I be continuing with what I am doing now in the next phase of my life or will I have to leave it for reasons unknown to me as of now? How do I know if it will even have a reason at all or that I will know it when I will be in that phase?

Only having theoretical knowledge of something doesn’t necessarily make us familiar to it in our lives because what about the practical aspect which will test the theory to reality? No amount of predictions can equate to reality because that is formed by our choices and actions (or inaction).

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