Healing Questions

What stops you from healing? Is it that you are afraid that it will ask you to take away your habit of sulking which is familiar to you? Do comfort foods stop you from delving into it or is it that you know healing does bring scary things to face which you are not ready for? What stops you from taking that step towards your actual growth, not the one where you are convincing yourself that you are growing or have grown but deep down you know that you haven’t?

Does this feel like I am calling you out? Why does it feel like this? Is there something that needs your attention? Do you need to ask a few questions from yourself? Why do you keep going back? Is the past more comfortable because despite knowing that it is not right for you, you are habitual to it?

I am not a therapist or a mental health professional nor am I acting like it. I don’t want to do that either. Being a healer and intuitive person is stressful and burdening enough. I don’t want another level of stress. Had I wanted that, I would have got myself professionally trained and certified for it. At least, that would have helped me earn money probably faster than being a creative person and an artist of many types.

This post is also like I am calling myself out. I am scared to do that and terrible at handling it yet here you can see me doing it, can’t you? Now, I am blank and have lost mental contact with what I was going to write. Let me take a moment to reflect if I have anything to say or this post will end here.

Your friend is not a therapist if they don’t have the degree. You know that, don’t you? A mental health professional cannot be replaced by the best of advisers. Never. Always remember that. Even if it makes you question things, won’t it help you clear away the truths from the mess? Why can’t it be that your belief is backed by logic and if it so, what are you afraid of being questioned about?

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