Love And Light

When I am happy, I want to share it with you.

When I am sad, I want to crawl into your arms

And sleep there like a cat,

Helping me in calming the thoughts that intrude.

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This is a stressful time. Don’t restrict common public for the mismanagement and corruption of the government. The stress level is just increasing all over. For your sanity, switch off the news for a while and stop spreading the negativity. All of us know the reality. The pandemic is becoming like the other problems that everyone had been dealing with since years but have become immune to now because we, as the public, can’t do it. I am not saying it won’t end because what starts has to end at some time. I am also not saying that don’t be cautious. Take all the precautions necessary but also take some time to breathe.

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All of this will never end. The virus is another way of controlling the mind. “Experts” say this. The “crazy ones” say this. I have explored it myself. The difference is just that this time, to obtain political propaganda, the fear is widespread. I have been reading about it a lot and mind you, I read the comments under the videos to gain raw response and it’s like all of us know that it is never going to go away and know that masks are not effective to end the spread, just to control it yet we are being beaten into adhering what the tyrants want us to believe in. I am seeing big scams and several small scams beneath them and after obeying for years now, people have seen that this doesn’t work and so, the masks are being taken off to let the system breathe. And if you say anything against all of this, you become a “scammer”.

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What Now?

Do you ever face a situation of ‘what now’? I think that it comes right after we achieve something. We drill and grind to achieve something but once it is achieved, even if for a second, a question pops up in our mind, ‘What now? What is next?” Now, this can be in situations of various natures associated with as many different emotions- celebration, threat, emergency, desolation and many more.

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She cleared her spectacles and handed it over. She took it from her and wore it. She asked, “Is it clear now?” “Yes, I can see clearly”, she replies. They see three men and four ladies pass by. The woman in the saree adjusted her lens and thought to herself, ‘I wish I could carry bikinis and one-pieces apart from gowns and sarees. They must have their own joy, I am sure.’

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Thin And Never Happy

It may seem strange but it is always that when I start becoming thinner, I start feeling bad about about myself and the negativity creeps in. I try to love all of my shapes and sizes. How much I weigh, how I look and all of such temporary things don’t bother me but as soon as I see myself being thin, I start feeling bad. Being thin is not happy, at least not for me, at least not right now.

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