It doesn’t get easier. The point that you try to move towards the easier way is just the beginning. Challenges of all sorts keep coming up and you have to keep learning to deal with them. Ok, tell me, if you are playing a game, is the level one more easy to play or the level thirty five out of fifty? Why do people have things to crib for if it keeps getting easier? So when nothing is going to be easy, why don’t you try to be easy on yourself. I have not been able to implement it so far but you can try. Maybe, it will work for you. One can rest though.

I am not demotivating you. I am reminding you to never leave your side and ask for help but try not to become a parasite. Keeping a check on yourself is always necessary but let go at times and just flow with it. The higher you climb a ladder or a mountain, the lesser the oxygen levels keep getting. It can surely get better and maybe, even your best but not really easier. This is not a sadist writeup but a realistic one. Take it as a reminder to be realistic with yourself and your goals so that not much pressure is exerted on your system. Be happy and content with you, now and if you know that you need to change, start working on it from this moment.


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