Historical Strands

I had strands of my past hanging around, I didn’t know,

Where I saw how treachery and narcissism puts up a show.

I tried so hard to let it all finally get off me and go

But despite my efforts to do it, things remained as before.

But I was determined that past needs to remain in history

So, I put in more efforts and found out those remaining memories,

Snatched them out of my digital system and threw them away,

Making sure no strings are left loose to pull me astray.

I had no memory of the past, just of who I still love

And I made my new decision as I sobbed.

I don’t know how and when will I be able to implement it.

I am still seeing more of synchronicities and signs.

That memory gave me assurance that I am and was right, nevertheless.

I know who am I destined to move towards

But not sure how to take that step forward

Because I am still scared and sceptical.

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