Is it so that I miss, love and value someone more once they are not around me anymore?

Does retrospection than mindfulness add value to all those?

Or have I become accustomed to pain or want to prevent myself from facing that my fears came true?

Or have the course of events been such that what and who I loved were snatched away from me so now, I don’t go close?

Have I, unconsciously, created a strong belief or habit to not let go of these in my mind

Because I know that, for whatever reason, they can leave me any time?

Oh, but has it not been confirmed and reiterated and has it not happened in the past

That I do really find myself ending up all alone in the times of trouble at last?

I do have people who I consider my constants

But haven’t I faced treachery whom I expected support from in the instant?

Is it my fault that I am not able to trust completely despite so much efforts

Or that I ended up being around people (initially) who didn’t value my worth?

I was not born with these issues nor did I intend to learn these voluntarily.

So, are the course of events or those people to be held accountable for this tragedy?

But wait, they can always say that they have now changed

Or that they now try to do better but does that make everything healthily reinstate?

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