Having a say on whether I support someone’s identity or not looks like a waste question to me because I don’t feel that I am entitled to have a say on another individual’s identity, like they don’t have on mine. As long as someone is not harming anyone (including themselves) in any way, I am not concerned about whatever they deal or associate with and however they do it. But if they need me to cheer for them, I will willingly and gladly do it for them and will stay when they are in need. Since my childhood, I never considered any kind of identity, especially the genders on the spectrum, unusual or something not “normal”. What is normal anyways?

My parents have told me that when I was born till I was three years old, we lived in Delhi and the house opposite to us inhabited transgenders. They have also told me how many times our respected neighbours have welcomed me and my brother when we were toddlers with open arms when we went astray as children. They protected us from getting lost or in any trouble. They were very caring towards us, more than our parents (as my parents have told many-a-times).

So, it is strange for me that some people just don’t treat a section of society good because of who they are. They do this to all who are capable. Here, all genders unite. If not gender, then the class of societies emerge as these oppressors. And this, certainly, can change if we take responsibility.

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