Sometimes, it just comes over me-

The thought of again losing someone dear,

Looking around and not finding them near-

This thought fills my heart and eyes.

I don’t know if it’s anxiety, PTSD or depression

That I have been diagnosed with

That is making me think like this

Or is it my overthinking after long again.

It always happens like this.

I may be enjoying my moment

And suddenly, such thoughts will start intruding

And take away my peace for days.

I was just preparing a gift for my friend

As her birthday is awaited in less than a month

And I haven’t gifted anything to her uptil now, as far as I remember

So, I have thought to give an exclusive gift to her this year.

I know she doesn’t ask for anything

But I personally want to make her birthday special

And I don’t plan much now but put in the application

My ideas because future isn’t certain.

I am compassionate but also angry at my mind.

Why does it has to ruin the moment every time

When I am heading towards bliss?

Why are such thoughts so hard to miss?

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