Spiritually Free

I got my answer.

He said no.

I feel so free

That finally, I can go.

I don’t have to protect him anymore.

I am not saying that I am not his divine feminine

But he has said that he doesn’t love me.

That weighs the burden off me.

No fights to protect him.

I am not a part of his journey now

And can focus on me altogether.

This reply is not a rejection but closure.

It is a freedom-

See how fast am I recording it-

From many of my spiritual roles

That I had to do to add to my life purpose.

Now, I can stand by my earlier decision

Of not getting married and to keep following my passion,

No relations to get attached to so no obligations.

Rejection is often heartbreak but for me, it is liberation.

I can move forward without hesitation.

I will live completely as a human

And no signs and synchronicities to focus on,

No more messages from my angels for this connection.

This rejection is such a blessing, I can see.

I have already cherished all moments with my spiritual family.

I have seen and lived through all the worlds

And gained more knowledge than I otherwise would have.

I will not spread any negativity related to this connection.

I know that it is difficult for those in it because of its nature.

I would only say to them that everyone is living different situations

Which are similar but therefore, each will have different results and reactions.

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