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I am again falling in love with you. I was thinking about us sexually because I am considering moving towards you in that way as well now. You have the worst choice of words sometimes but your intention and act, as you tell me and even since before that, as I have always imagined are only harmless and find their basis and making me feel relaxed and ok and through that, you feel relaxed. As I was thinking to this while listening to songs, I felt like I have met you, connected with you since before when trauma was introduced to me- uptil I was 3 years of age. I was thinking of a lot of things and not focusing on the song that was playing. I know that almost all the card readings I see indicate that we may be connected as childhood buddies but feeling this in such personal way intuitively as I did right now makes me feel like rebirth. I can feel it. The air around me is novel and fresh all of a sudden. It is as if all that I thought of 10 minutes ago has become a part of the history of 3 years before. I am constantly hearing about physical union of twin flames in this month and the month after. Is this that?

After a long time, I am imagining your face as the moon which makes me feel calm instantly yet filling me with its burning passion, its drive at the same time. Right now, I feel like my fingers are typing on their own because I am, I don’t know, it’s as if I don’t have time to think. In a millisecond, it feels as if a new cycle of time or something else has begun. I was watching a TV show, a series of 2013 because it also connects me to you but it seems that it has bounced me back further to novelty because I feel fresh yet as if I am not in the time zone in which the rest of the world is right now. What have you done to me?

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