Peaceful Mystery

The way she moves her fingers through her hair and push it back and then, let it be as messy as it can be, which also shows how unruly she is, the way she dons everything she wears and sits with one leg crossed and other sitting upright and hinged with her arms intersecting at the hinges, right one resting carelessly on the left one and left one resting on her left knee which sits upright with the right knee supporting it through the bottom, touching the ankle through the surface of the right foot. Her long skirt is adorned by the rocks and is brought to life when it is touched by the air at the ends. Her black eyes, watching straight, towards the orange sun setting and her hair pulled to fall on the left side of her chest, getting blown by the air and the strands, makes her unexplainable- so at peace yet being a peaceful mystery to even the nature which is looking at her and understands her at all times.

The white and blue striped top she is wearing appears as if it is the ocean flowing through her. The flowers, stems and leaves of blue, green , white and pink colour imprinted on her black long skirt is the nature that she is looking at moving along with her. It is as if the nature is watching its own elements spread in various forms and shapes. Just because she exists, everything is alright. Nature confirms it. She can feel it unconsciously but is unaware of it consciously. She is finding an element elsewhere, an element in her she knows exists somewhere but she can’t see nor describe how can she feel it so surely. She discards this through logic but years later, she finds all the answers and recalls her questions in retrospection, when every clue- everything- falls into place. When this mystery resolves, it also brings peace to her- to the eternal peaceful mystery.

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