Unlearning Wrong Lessons

People ingrain misconceptions

And carry them forward to generations

As themes of veneration

Without asking any question.

Most of them are about bodies

And how they should be.

Most of the credit of this goes to the ladies

Who choose to oblige to patriarchy.

Now, don’t come at me without thinking.

Hasn’t constricting women been a thing?

Males don’t really say these things directly at your face,

Especially when you are young at age

But the women are there to tell you

About what all norms did they adhere to

Without any substantial proof

Or logic to follow these rules.

Some claim that they know what is right

When they don’t even know biological facts.

They propose wearing skinny, baggy or tight

Clothes and teach women that when they are at their own home, how should they act.

In a very subtle manner, they warn women against men of their own household

And trap these little ladies too and associate their freedom as being ‘bold’.

These women need to be questioned right there and then

And their constricting thoughts must be discarded by young women.

These women may be your friend, mother, aunt or even daughter

Who may never have realised how they pass off sexualism in laughter

And prevent themselves from being questioned in the veil of veneration.

Instead, young ladies and other genders are helping others unlearn these wrong lessons.

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