My work is ageing like fine wine. I am becoming more of me and that is creating more of my authentic art. The more authentic it is becoming, the more nourished and refined it is getting. My mistakes are beautiful and there are some harsh and sweet lessons that I have learnt and recorded in my work. The simpler the things are becoming to me and as I am going ahead authentically on the truest of my journey, the more wisdom they are holding and so the more sophisticated, deep and meaningful are they becoming. The older the wine gets, its value keeps increasing and the more I am moving forward and recording as I move all of it in writing, the wiser I am getting while not losing my spirit of standing against the wrong no matter if I am the only one resisting. Wisdom can never teach you wrong that sophistication is to keep shut when your voice can be a tool to bring about change.

My work speaks wise. It is a wise wine. Sometimes, it appears classy magenta and sometimes, blood red but it certainly is juicy enough to strike the reins of the horses of the brain. My work speaks the truth. It may not be easily comprehensible to people nowadays who thrive on using fake noise to hide the voice of what’s true because that is what everyone is avoiding. That is what everyone is scared of. Sometimes, I am also one among everyone. Here, my detachment helps as being an audience, I can choose if I want to hear the confronting truth or stay in my own happy world of higher realms’ truths. Otherwise, wine hides the truth nowadays. At least, its colour does, doesn’t it?

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