What has changed but the ambience?

I used to visit a place earlier last year.

I know that it has shifted its mode of work

On wires and not anymore in person.

The people who had to attend

And the ones who had booked the appointments

Fall into the categories same as before

But with the information of the shifting of place,

I can feel that something has definitely changed,

So when all is still functional,

The services, the provider and the receiver,

And the same remains their purpose

And the emotions that they had attached to it,

The same and even better does it hold its place in people’s perception,

Then what has changed but the ambience?

Appreciating My Creative Work

Got to know that the therapy center I used to attend is not physical anymore. I have expressed my emotions related to it. So, if you like it, like, comment, share this post and follow my website or add it to your RSS feed to receive regular updates of my work. Thank you so much. Have a good day. Happy reading!!! Happy blogging!!!


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