Some things are easy while others are hard. You don’t get to decide which is what for who and when and if they are working “enough” or at all on it or should or must they do that. Don’t make up scenarios for others’ situations as the truth may be just the opposite of your assumptions, which you will understand whenever and if you got to know it.

There are categories to everything, every creation every thought, every action, even the judgements we make. That is where the concept of “type” comes from. This “type” is like the parent category of many subcategories. Food, items, clothes, fishes, bangles- you name it and it is either a type or a sub-category of it. If these categories are not concerned with you in any way- directly or indirectly, as a personal matter or as a duty- your opinions may still be divided into some other similar category.

Don’t categories confuse more at times, instead of resolving the dilemma? I believe that categories have been since the beginning of existence. Are they essential for existence too, then, in some way or the other?

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