Extra Special

Make someone’s day like you are ordering a pizza. Select your favourite idea or combinations of them and sprinkle a few spices of healthy and funny sarcasm to enhance the flavour of the cheese on the top, which this time, is healthy. Capture and share a few of them as memories to remember later. Ask someone else to prepare the pizza if you are not good at culinary (or your practice and type of) art. Imagine that the day is a pizza which you are preparing or getting prepared to the best of your ability to satiate all involved, including you.

Even if you are not good at it, try. Your care that will show in your personal effort will make it extra special. Who knows, you may be surprised to discover something about yourself under these circumstances! Or you may reconnect to your easier days of lesser worries. Pick up those crayons and paints and even if you are not artistic, draw something funny so that the person who you are trying to make the day of will have a good laugh and this may happen after a long span of time. You never know. Do what your love languages allows you to. If nothing at all, just pass a smile. Some people get happy even just by these few seconds. Large, small or medium- just try to make it extra special.

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