Follow My Steps

Follow my steps.

Let me be your guide.

Let me take you to the light.

You are still as divine

When you are undergoing struggles

And dealing with hassles.

So what if your energy has been low?

It has to be at par with everyone’s, is it so?

Our divine selves have more struggles, don’t you know?

Even when my eyes are filled with tears

Or my anger has unleashed after years,

We are still divine when dealing with our fears.

Follow my steps, as I am learning

I will teach you a few steps and circles for dancing

After which, you will feel elated, they will be so relaxing.

Appreciate My Creative Work

I am using art to distract my mind right now, as I am on my emotional low, listening to songs and writing blogs. Details about these can be found in the blog before this. Read from there, maybe, because I am not in the energy to put so much effort right now. Thank you in advance. Happy reading!!!


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