Divine Art

I am at my emotional low, yet I never leave my divinity. Even when at the lowest, the divine vibration still remains the same. After writing the previous blog, suddenly all of the songs that are playing on my mobile and I am hearing through my headphone to cope with my pain and hurt, even while crying, are the songs connect somehow as a message to me from my twin flame. And this has started happening when I saw a vision that I am guiding my twin flame through light even when both of us are at our lowest points. He is following my dance step-by-step and slowly, he comes out of the dark. We did good job together. I helped him and he accepted my help. But all of this happened in the non-physical reality.

Even when my brother had ruined my mood early in the morning yesterday, I created and published my first live playback song on my YouTube channel celebrating completing my 8 years on my journey there. Today, I step into my 9th year. This happened because I was determined that no matter what, I can’t miss this deadline and nothing except depression and anxiety and panic attacks can stop me from expressing my creativity. In fact, all of that I feel and experience take me towards creativity and helps me through catharsis. On this note, I have noticed that I am listening to a sad, romantic song after years of getting bored of it because it became overrated when it was released. As I am releasing, I have stopped crying, all because of the combination of arts of writing and Music that have brought me out of it without even realising instantly. Art has brought me out of immense grief while writing this blog right now.

I am not romanticising or glorifying sadness and grief. I even write in other emotions like anger or bliss but it just happened to be so that I made a few observations about my writing and how it connects to the emotions which are extremely essential but considered not-so-essential in the veil of happiness and ‘good vibes only’ and also ‘love and light’. If there is good, there is bad and not-so-good as well. If there is love and light, there are also hatred, regret, shame, guilt, refrain and darkness. Anger is not dark energy. Don’t refrain from expressing it. Let it out. All comprehensively make a complete experience. Divinity is all of these if divinity is you. Not feeling any of these restricts your divinity. So, I don’t pose any restrictions on me or live in restricted divinity. And art helps me stay in all of my aspects of divine self. Art is directly connected to emotions, an extremely essential aspect of self. Therefore, this is also a reason why art is divine, not just because of writing about and painting stereotypical divine beings.

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