I will express myself however I want to even when money comes and I know this because even though I have implemented one idea only to earn money and I am glad that I help people on the way. The focus, however, is the money that I have to earn by my own hardwork. I have done this before as well. It just cannot be other way because no matter what, I dread doing something having no interest in it but to just earn money and I put in all of my hard work but it goes in vain. Either I leave it or the project ends abruptly. So, the key for me, at least, is to not just work but be happy and content while doing it because anything that makes me dread my work sucks my energy and that is not good for me at all. I love blogging because it helps me vent without having an obligation or being answerable to another and I wish it remains just the same. Whatever doesn’t have the approval of my intuition is all that is out of alignment.

Money will rather be a motivation. A lack that has been putting me in trouble during tough situations and due to which, I suffocate more and find no escape so that I can breathe under such circumstances will be removed if money as a source of energy will support the flow of my positive intellectual and creative energies. Therefore, a fusion of all these positive energies within me and in my life is necessary and will bring more permanent balance to me in many ways. This synergy may be beneficial, as per I have observed, not just for me because it will give me satisfaction more than anything but also for few others, especially as they may receive the message(s) that is meant to be delivered to them. I believe that I work with the synergy of many types of creative and artistic energies and I am happy that this may benefit more than I believe in many ways to many people.

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