Coincidences Or Fate?

Sometimes, we end up doing things that we never intended to and somehow, these coincidences lead to more beautiful circumstances and consequences. This can also happen even if things go “by the plan”. Like, in professions, I never indented to be a blogger. I just wanted to be an author which was also just a thought of a less than 10 year old girl. I wrote since I was learning to form proper sentences and I started with writing in Hindi but it may have just wandered off. The circumstances built up in such a way and also because I didn’t resist but went with the flow that I am an author and a blogger now. Honestly, until I was studying in 12th standard, I always thought that I would be a criminal defence lawyer which was not actually my idea but my father’s because I have a keen inclination towards not letting injustice happen. I never let that happen even now, despite not being a lawyer of any sort even though I have studied a lot of it.

I never intended to be in a relationship, never thought I could love a man at all but the circumstances tell a different story. I thought that I will never make even one good and true friend, especially not in any of the schools that I have studied in. I never thought that I will completely awaken to spirituality and many realities, even though I never bought anything that didn’t justify itself to my logical brain, but here we are today.

My friend does good predictions and I help people by spreading intuitive messages that will benefit them in various ways. I always believed that astrology is a sham because I have been troubled by relatives who suggest stones to me and they react to my body and mind adversely. I believe this because it is Science which can prove how stones and human body have elements which react positively and benefit by aligning together or the stone is accepted adversely by human body. Now, I have a lot of answers but earlier, these were only questions which no one could answer for me because the level of knowledge and competence needed to do that is not possessed by anyone around me, who have been bought into many lies that fly around. According to astrological science, all of this is predetermined according to the time of birth of the individual and according to basic spiritual knowledge, our soul- the source of our being- chooses everything that has to happen and sometimes, some mis happenings happen to either balance karm or some crimes are done by evil and negative energies which is not chosen by any soul. Karm and choices the soul makes decides its consequences but the choice it makes, which category will it fall into? Does a soul make a choice because it is fated? Here, I think, there is a free will. So, does this free will lead to coincidences of making choices in such a way that it determines the soul’s fate or rest or major portion of their human life journey? However, a soul definitely chooses if its being will channel its energy to react negatively or positively, to trouble or benefit. If Astrology is Science, is all of that happens coincidence(s) or fate?

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