Solace In The Silver Sliver Of Sylvester

It must have been such a case

That I would have known this place

Whose name occurred in my mind

Even though I have never visited it.

My geography is not so strong

So I don’t know about this place at all

Yet whenever I have been thinking about writing something,

Since last few days, only Sylvester is occuring in my mind.

I recalled the smile of someone I saw today

And this may have been related.

It must have been a part of my history

That I have been seeing in the form of unknown streets.

I haven’t seen these in this lifetime uptil now

Yet I am seeing them and the question is how?

The answer, my intuition is telling me, is in the past life lived

Which relates the most to one aspect of this lifetime—romantic.

The process of finding answers to questions

Related to or including many known and unknown slivers

Of streets made of silver rocks that I see in dreams and visions

Brings with it solace, curiosity and satisfaction.

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THB 41.03


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