Soul Organ

I believe that art is a soul organ of my body. Like the functioning of organ affects the functioning of the body, the what, how, when, quantity and the type of art affects the soul. It can make me question a few or more things, retrospect, yearn and drop a tear or two. It can make me feel like dancing or calm and composed, that too, within seconds. Sometimes, it gives expression to thoughts which want to stir inside me but couldn’t. It can take me back to my self and her experience decades earlier. The disturbance or abrupt end of a song can leave these questions unanswered and increase the yearning to find these answers.

It doesn’t matter what genre or sub-type of the art one is interacting with. I don’t interact with heavy metal or rock Music with no melody or apt singing of notes yet if I hear it somewhere, it affects my mood. Extremely loud Music, if not melodious, makes me feel irritated instantly. Some type of Music makes me charged, in spirit when I feel physically fatigued. A few takes me to realisations, specifically related to my tin flame and spiritual journey. Some make me yearn him while a few others help me feel close to him. A few works of art helps in accepting these realisations and letting go.

With the help of the singing techniques that I know, I have sung despite being ill when my throat was not functioning. I have said countless times that Music makes me feel as if my soul starts breathing, whether it be thinking, making, singing, composing or even listening to it. The other Arts help me connect with my soul family, be it my twin flame or my spirit babies. Literary arts helps me connect with spirits and decode their messages that they send to me. Art helps me connect with my core and remain in my element and that helps me connect with everyone and play my role in bringing balance in everything properly.

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