Sometimes, it happens so that all the hardwork that you do gets wiped off in less than a second because of no fault of yours. Now, what will you do in such a case? Even if you do not have any kind of obligation to complete that task or target, the only option to do it is to start again from nothing. That is a lucky chance if you already have a saved draft somewhere else in whatever format or that you remember what you have written but if it is not so, like if you created each word on-the-spot as the words kept coming in your brain, it is almost impossible to recover those words, phrases and sentences because they were not well-settled or pre-rehearsed in structured way in your brain.

It also happens so at times that you create just for the purpose of creation, to get the idea out of you head. The only purposeful thing that you receive out of doing so is mental peace. At other times, you create but there is no receiver of your creation at that moment- no audience, no viewer, no listeners. So, in such a lack, will you stop doing what you want to?

Why does the purpose of your work has to be relative to someone else’s presence? Hardwork is sufficient in its existence. After all, everything started from one. That one is already you. See it if you haven’t already. However, perfect a craft over time and practice repeatedly before presenting so that you are proud to see the results of your hardwork and feel the satisfaction in your smile. Also, open your ears to receive constructive criticism and your brain as well so that you are able to discern it and work on the betterment. So, grieve over your loss until you get tired of it and get back to completing your task on the basis of your will. You have to start over but you do not have any other option, do you?

Start Over

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