Be a star that heals.

Be a star full of heat

Or the one which

connects all the elements of the body.

Go inwards, pick a pen and join the dots.

Start from Earth and move your fingers

towards the straight direction to reach Water.

Now move diagonally downwards and connect with Fire.

Now, start from Fire and cross over the line

Where the element of Earth is beginning

To move forwards to reach Water

And move forward to join the dot above

You will spot another element there

One that of the Air.

Once joined, move diagonally downwards

And keep moving until you connect with Ether.

To complete the circuit of elements,

Move your fingers diagonally upwards

To connect Ether used to breathe with the Earth

So that the elements in the star get connected.

Connect similar elements—wood, metal,

water, fire, Earth—to bring spiritual balance in the universe.

So that you shine bright as this star sparkles.

Similarly, connect the dots to light up the other stars.

They also bring balance in the five senses,

Not just sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste

But also awareness, focus, expression

Along with compassion and imagination.

The last of all the stars

Is of the elements of the nature,

Including space, water,

Earth, fire and air.

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