I give all the credit of my hard work to me.

I have been my all at almost all the times.

So, the success will also be enjoyed by me alone

Whenever this abundance comes.

Gratitude is good but in the way,

I won’t give my credit away

To anyone while showing humility

When they have done nothing positive in this journey.

When I was at my bottom most,

I remember that moment,

No one was there with me as a support.

I was left out more alone than before.

I have spared my nights and day

And spent all of my energy away

To catch up with my personal goals,

So, the credit to my abundance is mine alone.

This is not haughtiness.

This is owning up to what I deserve.

This is to not give away my credit

In the process of being too humble

When I deserve my abundance

And its complete ownership along with it

And know how and why it is mine alone.

This is knowing the truth and owning up to it.

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