My future children, you will be ahead of me

Most of the times or may even not be probably

Because you will become what you will be

With the information you will receive.

Your choices will choose your life path

Or it may be the other way around.

I can’t tell now about how your life will be

But I want to tell you that I won’t be jealous

Not only because I don’t feel jealous but inspired

But because you are my offsprings,

You are a generation ahead

And so, everything between us may differ.

I won’t interrupt you in making whatever choices you want to

So that you develop your ability to discern.

I will only prevent you from indulging in crimes.

You will make mistakes so that you can learn.

So, there is no point in being jealous or

Giving advices that I have not been asked for.

I will be a little strict, that is in my personality

But I can’t stop you from making your own choices.

The pressure on me will not be transferred on you.

We will have open conversations

About each and every big and small situation

So that you have enough information to choose.

You will not only be my children.

You will be separate thinking individuals in the end.

I don’t know what is the best parenting technique

But I am learning and I know that your presence will teach me.

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