Simplicity is so simple but keeps getting complex over time. Simplicity must not have a definition yet it keeps becoming interpretative as the adult brain keeps adding to it according to the new cues that it receives.

You will find that the solutions to huge problems often turn out to be something that we knew already but didn’t notice or discarded because they were “too simple”. There are a few problems which cannot be handled with mere simplicity but a few of our everyday problems can be understood and resolved only by returning to being simple.

Major disorders cannot be treated by “just enjoying the life” but fights can be resolved by taking time and going back to the basics and starting from the beginning. The answers to major mysteries may also lie in what keeps meeting the eye but is never taken to the brain.

One of the ways peace can also be obtained is simplicity, by not making things up into something “better” or by understanding that what already exists is the best. Third does not mean that one should not strive for better but like one piece of cloth cannot fit all, not every situation requires an individual to be simple. Situations vary, so do the solutions. In the matters of simplicity and complexity, only discernment of the individual based on the analysis of the matter (if the matter can be analysed) can provide solutions to the problems that the individual finds herself in at various points of time in her life.


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