Yes, you are my children, my offsprings but you are not my extensions. You are different individuals. Everything in you will be yours. You don’t owe me anything just because you are my offsprings. You are not born to fulfill my expectations. It doesn’t matter if we are blood related or not, if you are my offsprings legally, then I am saying this to you.

I know that you are not present here right now in the physical reality. Therefore, my present self has taken the form of my future self here. Earn for yourself. Do things for yourself because doing things just to make you happy without troubling or hurting others is much more worth than spending your life trying to make others happy and getting only negativity in response. I don’t have any problem if you choose to be secluded. Just do right—for yourself, others and in everything in your life. Be clever but don’t take the help of deceit to get your wish fulfilled. Try to stay away from toxicity and always keep a check if your behaviour and actions in general are not turning unhealthy, toxic or worse. Take these lessons to your heart.

Use your wisdom to discern before accepting any new information about anything or anyone in general. Know that everything is not meant to be categorised or compared. You don’t have to win over or against anyone except the negativity that you can sense in and around you. For now, this is all that I can think of. One last thing, always know that I am here to protect you. Take care, kids.

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