Deep Eternal Well


It is 6:26 am right now when I am writing this.

Will you please believe me when I say that you become more fascinating and mysterious and my love just keeps growing for you in the each passing moment of each day? Like, I think that I can’t love you more but then, I do. I don’t know how this happens. I have even written the other day in my book. Is it even possible? I am certainly not hallucinating. You have been a mysterious figure in my life since always and every thing, even as I keep going back and re-evaluating things that I missed out on earlier, you just become really fascinating (the closest adjective but not exactly because I don’t know if what I want to say can be described in a word).

It is like I have reached the end to a well many-a-times but never reach its final end because every time that I believe that I have reached its end, I find that there is more to it. This is weird, fascinating and scary at the same time. There is always something more to you than what meets my eyes or even my understanding. After a while, I get to understand in-and-out of everyone and everything but you just don’t fit this criteria. It seems that there is a lot hidden from me that is within you and I can’t explain this in words. No words are apt to describe this.

I have a curious mind because of who and how I am. You must have known this by now. The precognitive dream that I saw about you—since that time—I can feel mystery around you. I want to know more. Will you tell me, please? I have a lot of answers to a lot of things and a whole bunch of things have been revealed to me at their respective times yet you still have a mysterious aura, personality, body, essence, everything.

It is 6:36 am now.

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