Come and sit beside me, my children,

I will tell you

that pink can be worn by men

and women can wear blue.

There is more to this spectrum

which makes it colourful

which includes LGBTQ

and intersex, ally, agender or asexual.

All are humans and natural

until they don’t act abusive and inhuman.

Nothing is right and normal

except what is told by your intuition.

Menstruation is healthy

and like everything, it varies

according to the different bodies.

All the problems related to it are valid.

When someone tells you that you are ‘supposed’,

think of why or why not should it be opposed?

Is the idea that is proposed

approved by the intuition to be followed?


2 thoughts on “Supposed

  1. I just liked the way that how simply and beautifully you expressed these thoughts and showed the importance of opposing for right or at least giving a thought before blindly following or accepting things.
    One of my favourites 💓✌️

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