Almost Reached

I forgot to inform this but in the past month, after doing an exercise cutting off unnecessary ties which keep repeating with the people in my past, I have been able to not hurt over because my mind doesn’t repeat the hurtful incidents as often and even if it does, it doesn’t hurt as much. Instead of getting offended, not only am I realising that what is difference between how I would have reacted to a situation when I was completely unhealed and how I am reacting to the situation where I can say that I am 90% healed. I am okay with going back to the past only based on certain conditions and avoid talking about or even reading anything that hurts me at all. There was a day in this month when the air suddenly got lighter and the heavy energies were loaded off. I could feel it because I am intuitive. These positive energy shifts remove mundaneness and help me from going back to the unhealthy cycles of thoughts or behaviours.

My therapist has played the lead role in my healing. If not for him, I had estimated that it will take minimum of five years for me to even start healing a bit and I will spend the rest of my life healing. However, many things have happened. My healing includes self-work, my therapist’s support, my intuitive guidance and my spiritual journey has been a part of my healing. I have started doing a mental exercise since the mid of this month where I noticed that I have associated certain songs or objects to a painful memory, especially related to the relationship with a narcissist. It was extremely difficult and a back-and-forth activity where I wanted to give up because my mind was reacting in two ways. I was piercing apart at the hurtful memories of the ex who is still toxic as I can feel his toxic energy sometimes and the memories and imaginations with my one true love, my twin flame.

This still happens at times but I successfully rewired my brain to associate happy memories with that song. Then, I keep listening to the songs which make me feel close to my beloved and in my power. My therapist may also help me more in this. I will have to ask him. Due to focusing on my career and finances, I have postponed my new therapy session online but I plan to attend it soon. I am sure that even he will be happy to hear that I genuinely feel that I am 90% healed and will help me in healing the rest of 10%. His and my calculations of healing may differ drastically but the basic thing is that I feel free from a burden that had been stopping me from breathing freely for many years, the burden of the past and all the negative memories and feelings related to it. I am really grateful. A good therapist can change your life, especially when you think that there is nothing more.

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