Why do we keep fighting

Or do not talk at all?

There is no point in catching

Because I won’t let you fall.

Where did this distance come from?

Did I do something wrong?

If it is so, let us discuss it.

Let us not let the problem grow strong.

You matter to me, even more than before

Although I never assumed that I could love you more.

Ask me, I will resolve your skepticism

Instead of letting them grow in your system.

You are trying to show me that you are disinterested.

I am not letting you trod over me

But my intuition says

That you are hiding that you are hurting.

You sounded like you have lost.

I don’t understand, why were you fighting?

I have never been so sure,

of anything than our truth, in my human life.

I am not upset.

I can understand

that the distance

is creating this difference.

My human self understands better now.

I know that intimacy is your love language.

I have healed enough to let our union happen

only if you have also learnt your lessons.

Let us forgive each other.

I now know me and us better.

How? I will tell you later

When we will move to our next chapter.

Let’s Talk, Please

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