Bigotries are created by humans

To instill discrimination.

They have never been since the beginning of creation.

Humans have created and put limitations.

For me, there is no poor

Or rich who I would vouch for.

All are creations

Who cannot be subjected to discrimination.

If only I like someone more

Is the one who doesn’t propagate

Limiting beliefs and stereotypes

And spreads knowledge instead of hate.

I have, within me, all the worlds.

None is better than the other.

I never believed nor will in any of the man-made systems

Which put my creations at war with each other.

Different colours prevent the world from becoming mundane.

The creator never thought that the creation will be so insane

To dominate the other for selfish, evil and egotistical reasons.

For her, all the creations are just the same.

All Are Same

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