I want you to affirm these:

  • I am more than enough.
  • I am loved. Even if no other person loves me, I love myself.
  • I am more than amazing.
  • Sex is sacred and I will not block my svadhishthan chakra by believing otherwise.
  • I will not dim my light so that the low vibrational energies can bring me down.
  • I deserve to be successful because I am putting in the hardwork needed.
  • I will define me and determine the definitions of all that surrounds me. (Like, I will decide what is success for me)

Repeat these everyday. Often, the critical society and its limiting and unrealistic standards or even such situations which are not appearing to go in our favour make us delve into self-sabotage and self-criticism. These affirmations, which are the truths, can help us in coming out of such a mental space.

The elements of society which only pull you down or try to dim your light do so because they do not have a light of their own. They are parasites. They are the beings unhappy with themselves and dependent on crimes like abusing others to make some sense of their existence because these are hollow beings which are not even human. When they are not able to become like you, they want you to become like them by coming down to their level.

Their behaviour cannot be validated nevertheless. Do not ignore any wrong done against you, however small the society may weigh it to be. Do not blame yourself if you find yourself trapped under an unhealthy person’s misdeeds and evil intentions. Cut them off from your life and do not even let them harm you on the energetic level. Believe. You can lift yourself up.

Lift Yourself

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