Chasing The Waves

Come, hold my hand.

We have to walk ahead together

on a road full of happy adventures.

Let us sit on the cold sand

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Almost Reached

I forgot to inform this but in the past month, after doing an exercise cutting off unnecessary ties which keep repeating with the people in my past, I have been able to not hurt over because my mind doesn’t repeat the hurtful incidents as often and even if it does, it doesn’t hurt as much. Instead of getting offended, not only am I realising that what is difference between how I would have reacted to a situation when I was completely unhealed and how I am reacting to the situation where I can say that I am 90% healed. I am okay with going back to the past only based on certain conditions and avoid talking about or even reading anything that hurts me at all. There was a day in this month when the air suddenly got lighter and the heavy energies were loaded off. I could feel it because I am intuitive. These positive energy shifts remove mundaneness and help me from going back to the unhealthy cycles of thoughts or behaviours.

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Peaceful Novelty

I have recorded and published my new song today. As I am surfing through whatever I have shared as posts on my Instagram account, which I do not do, at least not with so much patience and adoration, I am seeing myself as the goddess that I am. Not everything is “perfect” but in this moment, I am feeling calm, divinity and oozing of confidence. So, I thought about recording this beautiful moment which has returned after a long time in my life. It may or may not last very long, who knows? If I record it, it will stay with me forever.

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Lift Yourself

I want you to affirm these:

  • I am more than enough.
  • I am loved. Even if no other person loves me, I love myself.
  • I am more than amazing.
  • Sex is sacred and I will not block my svadhishthan chakra by believing otherwise.
  • I will not dim my light so that the low vibrational energies can bring me down.
  • I deserve to be successful because I am putting in the hardwork needed.
  • I will define me and determine the definitions of all that surrounds me. (Like, I will decide what is success for me)
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