The pieces of my writing are scattered here and there,

as many times as my trust turned to hurt to hatred,

as many times as people left me for being kind,

for being me, for trying to be as just as I could be.

Chapters are written of one book yet unpublished.

The one that was published was written in such a flow

that it was completed within a week.

I am slowly expanding its reach.

There is another book being written

which I cannot complete without my companion

but we are currently attracting abundance

by working the best we can on our finances.

The first one is a wish and another is presented as fantasy.

The third one is all about reality.

Just the second one is yet complete.

I can’t tell if the first one will reach its finality.

They are fun to write,

the different chapters of my life

and as many aspects of my personality,

the facets of my journey and duality.

Scattered Writeups

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