Like A Bird

I wake up today in the afternoon

and I feel light as a bird.

A lot of weight was

keeping me from moving forward.

I can feel that that weight is now

lifted off of my shoulders.

I am glad that after two years of hard work

that I have put in myself

and all the lessons that I have learnt in the process,

all of that is now paying off.

This was my long-wished desire

to break free from all the shackles of the past.

Now, I am moving forward without any guilt

leaving the past where it belongs,

not letting it follow me anymore.

Although, all of the memories

that go beyond lives are returning to me,

I am recognizing them happily.

It is not that the past has vanished.

Now, it gives me insights and excitement

because it goes beyond this experience.

These dreams answer many of my questions

and everything has started making more sense.

These memories of the past reason the present.

They are mostly related to my love life

and my original family that I have in my divinity—

and my roles also including mother and wife—

after the creator who brought all existence to life.

I know that these dreams don’t bother me

because they keep me close to my reality.

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