The fear of being stuck sometimes keeps us moving forward. Many-a-times, it become the reason why we put in effort. We study for exams so that we pass them and do not have to be stuck in the school, college or University for any time longer than than we expected. We seek therapy because we have a fear of being stuck in those of our thoughts which pull us back and make our lives more miserable when we become inactive or take disastrously wrong decisions which derail us from our purpose in life, which can also be just to be happy.


This fear gives us the push we need to get our work done which we may not do otherwise. At times, strange enough, this fear makes us to put in effort to make us believe in ourselves, even if till the time our purpose is served. Even in relationships or potential romantic relationships, the fear that we may lose all the opportunities to live our desires with our beloved pushes us to put effort in them and take it to next level with pure commitment and loyalty towards that one person, because we do not want to be stuck with the feeling of ‘what if’ and desire and require movement. 

Being stuck is asphyxiating. The fear of being stuck at times prevents us from creating any such situation through our actions. It makes us conscious regarding the actions we take and the decisions  we make. It is a terrible feeling and in no way am I glorifying it but sometimes, as I have said before, negative emotions lead to positive changes. Of course, in the end, it depends on us and how we cope with these feelings. 

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