A Purposeful Visit

Fortunately, we have a record. 

My writings narrate the progress

of our love story since the beginning. 

It is a legacy for generations. 


We need to leave it behind 

for these generations to follow. 

Especially, to teach the 21st century

that love goes deep and is not shallow


and by saying that, I do not discard

the need to be connected physically

but I am drawing attention to the fact that

everything is sacred if done spiritually. 


We are here to break the chains

that bind the “intellectual” and “spiritual” brains, 

who condemn intimacy and only celebrate celibacy, 

discarding that both are needed for balance. 


Extreme of anything will lead to destruction

which will further lead to reconstruction, 

leaving behind what is not needed anymore. 

We will show how to make the best use of potential. 


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