You always have two choices. If you are hurt by someone, you can choose to ooze out all of this hurt on the next person you meet in the romantic sense after them, act completely cold towards them yourselves into a machine or you can choose that you won’t let yourself become what hurt you and choose to heal instead of being a part of the vicious cycle. 


Love is not a hoax, infatuation is but when we are hurt, we don’t understand the difference between them. Healing brings the emotional maturity that we need to understand this. Stop looking outside and shift your focus within. Give your attention to your inner child instead of letting her crave it from all the others you meet because she would trip over anyone who will appear to be someone who will give her happiness and she will trip and fall hard. 

Instead of running away from your problems and avoiding a healthy discussion to eradicate them, especially in romantic relationships, sit and talk about it. I agree that your partner may not be ready to listen or be emotionally mature to understand you but that is good because then, you will know what should you do with that connection, considering its future. Not everyone is worth fighting for but if you find yourself seeking validation from your partner, take a step back and think over the power that you are bestowing them with and whether you deserve that kind of treatment. Here, you have a choice to stay and repeat the same cycle or break out of it and create a healthy pattern. 

You can choose to stay stuck in the past, not giving time to yourself to heal, not being patient and compassionate with yourself, not trying to seek the help you need, staying in an unhealthy situation, to give up on yourself or you can try to take the lessons and give yourself time to process your grief, take chances and give yourself a chance. You can choose to live peacefully or be overburdened with guilt when you look back at the mistakes that you committed when you were unhealed. Remember, you always have two choices, always. 



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