I don’t waste my time comparing my work with others’ because my own pieces of work compete with each other. That is a healthy and fun competition. I support the piece of work until it can be recognised independently. It helps me see the potential and effectiveness of the various methods I use to create pieces of art. I keep helping a bit even after that though. Sometimes, I am the parent of my work and at the other times, these pieces of art become my guide and motivator.


I am in no way personifying them. Each piece of work is unique just as it is. Wherever improvement seems necessary, I make it in the best manner possible amongst the ones that I have learnt until then. I don’t have idols in any of my career prospects. My mistakes teach me and sometimes, my pieces of art become my support or bring the momentary support that I need at that time to me. They help me most of the times, in big and small ways. 

Not everyone sees things just the way they are but I think that I am able to and that most of them do not need to be perfected, especially if they are not man-made. If anything, they need to be reinstated and if that’s not possible, then recreated. If that is also impossible, then, they shall be buried so that the new things can sprout after them, learning some of the lessons of their predecessors before arriving so that they do not repeat the cycle, are unique, be a support to themselves and to others, just like art.  


Artistic Aid

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