A New Page

I am embodying myself and living my reality. I am thinking about it since approximately past two hours but suddenly, in this moment, something has changed. Everything old is shed off and I can feel the cool breeze, even inside my heart chakra. There is peace. I can feel the ground. I can feel me. I know the reality that exists around me in this moment. I feel peace in my mind and heart (physically). There is positivity. 


Suddenly, everything is new or maybe, something old is returning but it is not troubling me. I am feeling peaceful so I thought that I should write about it and share it with the readers as well. Almost an hour ago, I was writing my book bit it feels like it has been days since I added a few chapters in it.

I was restless, irritated, demotivated almost an hour ago and now, I am filled with peace. I am unbothered about any worries. I am enjoying the cool air that the fan is emitting instead while I lay on my bed. It is amazing how energies can shift within the blink of an eye. Maybe, a new page to a new chapter has opened.

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