Static Animation

I am sleepy right now. I can see the tower outside and some part of the building in front me, gleaming with sunshine and the clear sky through the glass door. They are pretty towering but appear to be static miniatures to me as I watch them sitting on the sofa. 

A few minutes ago, I went near the window to watch the sky. It was clear and blue, not light, not dark, somewhere in the middle. I had not seen that before. The tower, the aura is giving me the utmost peace. Everyone else in my house is asleep. I am thankful that I ain’t because I would have probably missed watching this transition in the sky. 

I look again. They still appear like miniatures to me. They appear like a photo with the animation of birds flying in front of the building after few minutes. The trees that cover many of the inches of the electricity tower that stands erect give me an aura completely different from any place that is possibly existing on this Earth. They appear as if they are covering it, probably to protect him by joining hands and forming a circle around him, as if the nature is protecting the divine masculine and giving tranquility to the divine feminine. If anyone else will see it, they will see nothing but everything standing static but this beautiful picture adorns my frame. 

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