Look At The Brighter Side

Acknowledge and grieve over what you have lost but also, look at what you have gained. You have the right to be happy as much as feeling and expressing grief because both are your emotions and must be felt as and when they need to be.


If you want to celebrate your victories but grieve your loss as well, you don’t need to negate one for another. It is always a win-win situation. The statement, “look at the brighter side” often propagates toxic positivity and that cannot lead to your growth. With troublesome events come grief and important lessons (only if you want to learn). Grieve for as long as you want to and then, give yourself a chance to be happy and live wholeheartedly.

Not feeling any of your emotions creates imbalance. However, negative emotions need more introspection because insecurity and fear is often veiled with jealousy and anger is often used as a defense mechanism against being hurt or taken advantage of. Don’t become numb if your emotions are taking a toll on you. I have done this for a very long period of time. Trust me, it doesn’t help but makes your condition worse because it invites other emotions like regret and remorse and they settle in your unconscious and keep disturbing you terribly until you give them their expression that they demand. Feeling emotions, hence, keeps you free of such burden. In this sense, I would say, look at the brighter side of feeling these emotions which society often portrays as devilish. Anger can also be an opportunity to be at the peak of your strength and potential.

Hence, no emotion is bad but then, where does the problem occur? It happens when you do not know how to constructively direct your emotions. Anger can lead to destruction of evil and generation of new. It can also be expressed as passion towards what you want. If the intent is pure, the outcome will not be regretful. Each emotion presents before you a new perspective and through each of them, you can deal with one situation but have completely different outcomes. Look at the brighter side of each of them too if you know about the repercussions that come attached to them.

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